64 countries that produce 71% of the world’s food will face the risk of extreme heat starting in 2045

Due to global warming due to climate change, food security will become more difficult by 2045.  According to the latest assessment made by the risk company “Verisk Maplecroft”,  agriculture in 20 countries, including India, is at great risk  . The company predicts that by 2045, food security will cover 64 major economies, including China, India, Brazil and the United States, which account for 71 percent of global food production  .

– Increased risk –

Nine of the top ten countries most likely to be food insecure by 2045 are in Africa, with Ghana, the world’s second largest cocoa producer, as well as Togo and the Central African Republic scoring the worst risk. Among the 20 countries most at risk of food insecurity in the next decade are Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam, the main Southeast Asian rice exporters, and Vietnamese rice farmers have started working at night to avoid high temperatures. In addition, even in countries with large economies such as the United States and China, there will be risks in the agricultural sector starting from 2045. Meanwhile, seven of the 10 countries most at risk by 2045 are in Europe.


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