Extreme heat increases the frequency of volcanic eruptions

This year, the language competition continues in European countries. Extreme heat has brought many disasters to people, such as forest fires and droughts. But the worst thing is that scientists warn that climate warming may intensify volcanic eruptions. Because global warming caused by price action and climate change may lead to increased volcanic activity  . There is a lot of atmosphere  Although the connection between volcanoes may seem unrelated, the pressure exerted by thick glaciers on the Earth’s crust, or what geologists call “surface stress,” has been found to affect the flow of magma below the surface. This relationship affects the flow of magma and the voids and holes in the Earth that flow to the Earth’s surface, as well as how much magma the Earth’s crust can hold. A comparison of volcanic records with glacier cover found that as the climate cooled and ice cover increased, the number of volcanic eruptions decreased significantly. The explosions were small in size. 

Instead, the team found that eruptions are increasing as the climate warms and glaciers melt. Previous studies estimated that  global terrestrial volcanic activity increased 2- to 6-fold in glaciation regions between 12,000 and 7,000 years ago. In 2016, researchers concluded that volcanic activity increased after rapid deglaciation in Iceland, eastern Europe, and eastern California . Rapid melting of glaciers can cause large amounts of magma to be released. Ice is the main factor that compresses the crust and holds the magma in place. But when the ice shrinks, the pressure drops and magma rises to the surface.

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