The head of the United Nations called for efforts to reduce air pollution

NEW YORK. /UN/. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for joint efforts to reduce air pollution and preserve the earth in its original form.

“By working together, we can reduce air pollution and keep humanity and our planet healthy and safe,” the UN chief said in a video on Wednesday on the occasion of the “Blue Sky Clean Air” International Day.

A. Guterres warned that air pollution limits the ability of billions of people to enjoy their basic rights. Not only does polluted air affect 99 percent of the planet’s population, but the poor suffer the most.

He also pointed out that air pollutants increase global warming and forest fires pollute the air even more. According to him, the risk of death increases by 20 percent when people are exposed to air pollution and extreme heat

“On this day, which is the third International Day of Clean Air in the Blue Sky, I call on all countries to fight air pollution together,” said the head of the United Nations.

He also called on the international community to invest in the renewable energy sector, accelerate the process of abandoning fossil fuels, introduce non-emission vehicles as soon as possible, and recycle waste instead of burning it.

United Nations member states have recognized the need to drastically reduce the number of deaths and illnesses caused by toxic chemicals, air, water, and soil pollution by 2030, and to reduce the negative impact of cities on the environment by paying special attention to air quality and waste management. 

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